•DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 optical disc replication, Blu-ray disc replication, CD-Audio and CD-Rom optical disc replication.

•Plant capacity: 250,000+ units per day

•We offer standard CD, mini-CD, special cut CD's and business card CD-ROM along with blank media and blank screen-printed media.

•Short-Run Duplication (25 to 1000 copies)

•High-Volume Replication

•Stock & Custom Packaging


The CD/DVD are perhaps one of today's most powerful marketing tools. The penetration of DVD-ROM drives has exploded. Nearly every business now has a CD/DVD drive.

That means that for very little cost, you can deliver large amounts of information including text, graphics, audio and high-quality video - to all your prospects and customers.

The cost to produce and replicate CD's and DVD's has dropped tremendously in recent years, making the power of CD/DVD marketing accessible to all companies. CD/DVD can't be beat as a sales and promotional tool for your business. No other medium combines the low cost storage capacity and ability to deliver direct links to web sites.

You may be saying, "why should we create a CD or DVD when all our information is on the web? There are many reasons. First and most important, you must sill get traffic to your site. A CD and DVD is intrusive - it's delivered in person or through the mail. A CD/DVD goes to the user. The colorful packaging immediately grabs attention and delivers benefits for visiting the site.

With the importance of the web today, a CD/DVD can be used to cut through the clutter of millions of web sites and deliver a direct link to your web site. Imagine delivering your prospects a colorfully packaged CD/DVD that includes video testimonials, product demos and other reasons for visiting your web site. After they're sold on the benefits, they simply link to your site with the click of an icon on the CD/DVD.


Distribution is just as important as the authoring. This is where the companies can shine and lead the pack. Most companies don't take the time to think out of the box on the subject of distribution. Creative distribution can go a long way towards increasing awareness of your offering and lifting you above the competition. Some ideas include;  

*Personal distribution by sales team to prospects
*Direct mail with invitation or other call to action
*Direct mail with a special "code" for entry into a contest
*Free through retain stores
*A free with purchase
*"Ride-along" with another product (e.g. included in box)
*Hand out at sponsored events (such as sporting events, concerts, fairs, festivals, etc.
*Movie theaters
*Trade Shows
*"Street Team" distribution at malls, street corners, etc.

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*Provide forms that can be completed "off-line" then delivered via the Internet with the click of the mouse.
*Provide updates of CD/DVD data
*It's high storage capacity and low reproduction cost mean you can deliver full-motion video directly to your target audience.


*SPEED: Drive speed has increased making "video on CD/DVD" an effective promotional tool.
*LOW COST: CD/DVD's are cost efficient to produce and mail.
*CAPACITY: A single CD can hold 650 megabytes of information. That's equivalent to about 400 diskettes, 25,000 pages of text, 12 scanned images or 72 minutes of full-motion video. This information can be presented in variety of creative and compelling ways.
*DVD-SINGLE LAYER (DVD5): up to 4.7 GB of data or roughly 130 minutes of video. Double layer (DVD9) up to 8.5 GB or roughly 240 minutes of video. Blu-ray capacity has the same dimensions as a standard DVD but can hold up to 25 GB single layer and 50 GB dual layer. The name Blu-ray comes from the blue laser used to read the disc.
*QUALITY: A CD/DVD delivers much higher resolution video than the web
*INTERACTIVITY: You can include search-able databases, audio and video responses and much more.
*EASY AUTHORING: Today's new authoring tools and digital input devices such as scanners and cameras make CD/DVD development easy and inexpensive.
*PERCEIVED VALUE: CD's and DVD's consistently sell for $10 to hundreds of dollars
*UNIQUE: Another important benefit of a CD/DVD is that you can deliver it directly to your best prospects. Unlike traditional direct mail, a colorfully packaged CD/DVD arrives in the mail and grabs attention.

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Just about anything you can scan or load into the computer can be included, such as existing corporate videos, annual reports, collateral material, advertisements, forms, databases and product photos.

*Product and service catalogs
*Sales Presentations
*Sales Promotions
*The ideas are endless as the kind of information that can be included. Here's some thought starters...
*Product demonstrations
*Interviews with company executives
*Interviews with customers
*Direct links to websites
*Order Forms (that are then delivered via the web)

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Creating your own CD/DVD is easy. King Communications, Inc. can create and produce your CD/DVD. This would start by discussing your objectives and current "assets" that may be included on the CD/DVD. This could include photos, text, video clips, sound clips and web site links. You may also want to put your web site on the CD/DVD. Based on our objectives, we would discuss the "user experience" and exactly what you want the user to see and do when they insert your CD/DVD into the drive. Often companies want sound and images to start immediately. Maybe the company president walks on to the screen and welcomes the user. You may want your logo to be animated, spinning across the screen with music playing in the background. Nearly anything is possible.

Along with this "opening sequence" we would create an infrastructure so your assets - the video clips, brochures, photos, etc - can be easily accessed.


Budget is based on the complexity of the presentation, the amount of video and the degree of "finish" of the materials you provide. A professional-quality CD/DVD presentation can be created for as little as $500.00 up to $50,000.

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With CD's and DVD's drives quickly becoming commonplace, CD's and DVD's are now cost effective marketing tools. The CD Business Card takes marketing with CD to the next level. Its unique size and full functionality immediately grab attention and place your company on the cutting edge - ahead of the competition! 3" mini round DVD's are also available for the same purpose.

*Holds 40 Mb to 100 Mb of data.
*3" mini round holds up to 1.8 GB of data
*Include video, audio, web pages - you name it!
*Inexpensive to mail
*Carry in your shirt pocket!
*Insert your business-card in the plastic sleeve for the ultimate sales tool.
*Clear plastic sleeve is the standard packaging option.
*Plays in any tray-loading CD-ROM drive.
*Custom shapes and sizes are available.
*Minimum order 1000.

King Communications, Inc. provides all the services you need to create powerful promotional campaigns using the CD Business Card including replication, packaging, fulfillment and mailing.

The ideas for CD Business Cards or mini DVD's are endless...
*Sales presentations
*Trade show premiums
*Web site promotions
*Electronic press kits
*Software demos
*Magazine inserts
*Product hang tags
*Business opportunities
*Electronic brochures
*Artist portfolios
*Trading cards
*Video presentations
*Event guides
*Sales person introductions
*New product launches
*User manuals
*Annual reports

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King Communications, Inc. offers a litany of packaging solutions, both automated and custom packaging. King Communications, Inc. has capacity that exceeds  250,000 units per day of Amaray-style DVD assembly, 100,000 units per day of CD jewel case, 100,000 units per day of sleeve assembly with wafer seal or shrink-wrap.

The right packaging can increase the response from your multimedia marketing campaign and maximize the impact and retail value of any product line. Whether it's a multimedia direct mail campaign, video sleeve or multi-pack audio album, King Communications, Inc can provide the packaging to meet every need.

Packaging Products & Services Include:
*Control of all client material in inventory
*Custom packaging design and printing
*Direct mail packaging
*Premium packaging
*Packaging for direct sale (infomercial, mail order, etc.)
*Retail packaging

King Communications, Inc. also keeps on hand a substantial inventory of stock packaging. We are always adding new products to our inventory so call for for the latest ideas and products in media packaging.

Standard Packaging Inventory Includes:
*Standard Jewel Case
*Slimline Jewel Case
*Square Poly Case
*Clam-Shell Poly Case
*White Paper Sleeves - no Window
*White Paper Sleeves - w/window
*Tyvek - no window
*Tyvek - w/window
*Multi-Disc DVD Case
*Standard DVD Case
*Slimline DVD Case
*Software boxes
*Book-style wallets



If your looking for that special packaging for your disc or just need something special for any occasion, we can get it for you. We specialize in this with and without embossing and/or debossing, lunch boxes, gift tins, t-shirts, books, USB Flash Drives, and many other items. Call or Contact us for Quote.

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King Communications, Inc. offers a multitude of different distribution and fulfillment services. Since fulfillment means different things to different clients, we can custom-design to meet each client's needs:

-Traditional Distribution
-Retail Direct Distribution
-Consumer Direct Distribution
-Website Fulfillment

We offer and all-inclusive fulfillment service package capable of handling high-volume, national mailings and retail shipments. Warehoused in a secured environment and managed by a highly trained professional staff, King Communications, inc. fulfillment services are backed by a computerized inventory and shipping system which includes a comprehensive "pick, pack and ship" procedure that provides daily activity reports, inventory control and fast, error-free delivery.



King Communications, Inc. can transfer vintage video tape formats!


Vintage Video Tape Formats:

2" Quadruplex video tape (RCA TR-70)
3/4" Umatic (Sony BVU-950)
1" Type C (Ampex VPR-3 with the Zeus Video Processor)
M-II (Panasonic AU-65H)
D-2 composite digital (Ampex VPR-300)
D-3 composite digital (Panasonic AJD-350)
8mm Analog Video Tape (Sony EVO-9850)

Vintage Audio Formats:
AG-44OC 1/4" Full Track
AG-350 & AG 440C 1/4" Two Track
Eight Track 1" (AG-440C-8)
cassette (Nakamichi MR-1)

Film Transfer Services:

(Marconi B3410 CCD Telecine)

Contact King Communications, Inc TODAY to assist you with media transfers!




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