About Us

For over a decade, King Communications, Inc. has been committed to providing our clients professional solutions for DVD/CD replication/duplication, packaging and fulfillment.  We have been serving the media needs for Fortune 500 Companies, Advertising Agencies and Media Producers from coast to coast. Our experience allows us to analyze the scope of each project, including it's target audience, purpose and media shelf life, while being sensitive to your budget.

When King Communications was established over a decade ago, the media duplication production industry was diversifying. As technology evolved, no one company could offer a holistic solution to media services. King Communications was founded with that in mind as a one stop destination for clients who need complete media expertise. 

Our plant is a full service manufacturing and distribution facility with the people, capacity and equipment to handle orders of any size and to complete each client project in a timely and orderly manner. The plant contains state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

King Communications, Inc. has the capacity to produce millions of DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray Disc each year for all industries. We can provide DVD/CD replication, duplication, packaging, fulfillment and distribution. 

We realize that our clients are the most significant part of our business. Our  "Customer Centric" business philosophy and overall goal is to maintain an emphasis on Service as well as the Quality Commitment we continually deliver to our customers. 


King Communications, Inc.
4444 Carver Woods Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242
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